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Timofey Lapshin: “Shooting was excellent, that's why I won”

Timofey Lapshin commented on his victory in the men's sprint at the IBU Cup in Idre:

«I feel well now. At the trial starts I failed to shoot well. Perhaps, I was too nervous, and burned out. Here I summoned my strength. The season has started and I need to show result. Today I did it. However, I would say, the race was perfect. I am happy with my shooting, it was excellent, that's why I won.

I started in the second hundred, but I did not care when to start. The main thing was to deal with my nerves, shooting and run fast. I managed to do almost of these things.

The track in Idre is quite difficult. Relief and nonstandard outlay, it was a bit unusual. I had a good company here, with strong athletes. competition is serious here, and I like it.»

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