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Alexander Kasperovich: “The task of Lapshin was to have a right tactic on track”

Head coach of reserve Alexander Kasperovich commented on the victory of Timofey Lapshin in the sprint race at the first IBU Cup in Idre:

«The reason why Timofey could not shoot well at the trial starts was his nervousness. These were the starts before the World Cup, and he really wanted to get there. He was ready to show good functional and shooting conditions. During the whole off-season he has great results and good shooting performance. 

In the first race in Idre his task was to have a right tactic on track. We did not care about his bib number, as today the conditions were equal for everyone. He needed to overcome pshychological pressure, as he saw how other athletes shot and competed. 

It is a first stage, and it is too early to make predictions how Timofey will perform during entire season. The main thing is to have no changes in training methodology. Our task is to try to become member of Olympic team and continue showing result.»

Kasperovich also commented on performance of other athletes in Idre:

«Svetlana Sleptsova could not start today because of the minor cold. She came to me and asked for advise. I advised her to refrain from starting. If the person is sick, especially if it is cold, it is impossible for her to compete. Sveta is a top-class athlete, and cold can always turn to something more serious. After that it will be too difficult to get athlete to the top level. We count on her. She is a candidate to the Olympic team. 

Of course, the places, that our girls and boys took today is not their level. They are much higher. It is wrong to judge by one start.

The girls were a bit slow. I liked how Olga Podchufarova performed at the first two laps, but she could hold the tempo at the last lap. 

Overall, athletes made tactical mistakes on track. However, this is the first start, and they do not have speed endurance. If athlete fails shooting and gets 2–3 penalty laps, it is very hard psychologically to overcome this. Valentina Nazarova did well at standing shooting, but than she fell down and could finish higher than the 15th place. Otherwise she could be 7–8th

Timofey Lapshin won sprint at the IBU Cup in Idre

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