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Anton Shipulin: “I like how we worked with Tarjei Boe on track”

Anton Shipulin commented on his performance in the relay at the World Cup in Hochfilzen:

«I am a bit disappointed with my performance. I needed to shoot better. I like how we worked on the track with Tarjei Boe. We tried to run away from the crowd together. There was no use to run away from each other, we changed the place to help to each other. We did it during the whole first lap and worked on maximum.

It was great to take Boe over at the finish. I wanted to give Dima chance to chose — to lead the race or to let Svendsen to run first. I did not what would he prefer. If I have strength, why should not I try and pass on the baton first. 

My skis worked well comparing to others.»

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