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Olga Zaitseva will miss the World Cup in Oberhof

The RBU vice-president for sports Viktor Maigurov commented on the team's composition to participate at the World Cup in Oberhof, told about arrival of Ivan Tcherezov to Ridnaun, and confirmed the info regarding Alexander Selifonov who will work at the IBU Cups in January:

«Men's and women's teams had a great New Year training camps. The training will continue until January 1, however, the teams for the World Cup in January are already determined. Six men and six women will participate in the World Cup in Oberhof. As for the girls, it will be Olga Vilukhina, Irina Starykh, Ekaterina Iourieva, Ekaterina Shumilova, Yana Romanova and Valentina Nazarova. Olga Zaitseva and Ekaterina Glazyrina will miss the stage.

Zaitseva has her own individual training plan, and this decision composed in mid December. Olga will compete in Ruhpolding and Antholz. Glazyrina had many starts in December, including «Izhevsk Rifle», that is why she will skip Oberhof. She prepares for the World Cup in Ruhpolding.

Ustyugov, Shipulin, Malyshko, Loginov, Volkov, Garanichev will be in the men's team in Oberhof. Andrey Makoveev and Timofey Lapshin will not start in Oberhof. The entire men's team trains in Ridnaun. They are all in good conditions, prepare for the January Cups.

Ivan Tcherezov joined the team in Ridnaun. He failed to meet the qualification criteria to the national team, but will compete at the IBU Cups and one of the World Cups. This decision was initiated by the RBU Executive Board. Last week, the EB recommended the coaching staff to give one more chance to Ivan Tcherezov. Taking into account his experience at the Olympic Games and world championships, and his results at the «Izhevsk Rifle» it was decided to give him an opportunity to compete at the international level within the Russian team in January. Now Tcherezov trains in Ridnaun. The reserve team is also here, and will stay in Italy to compete in the IBU Cup.

Staring from January we work as one team. We have several tasks for the final pre-Olympic stage. Alexander Selifonov will work at the IBU Cup to check the reserve team on the eve of the final decision on the Olympic team. There are several athletes of the main team in reserve team, and we cannot stop following them.

Vladimir Korolkevich will work with the women's team in Oberhof, while Wolfgang Pichler will train Zaitseva and Glazyrina in Ruhpolding. We all know our goals and we do everything to achieve them.»

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