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Evgenia Seledtsova: “It's heavy snowfall today in Ridnaun. I'am glad I could shoot clean”

Evgenia Seledtsova commented on her performance in sprint at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy:

«I am happy with the result, as shooting was wonderful. Today we have heavy snowfall, and visibility is bad. It was hard to ski due to the fresh snow. I did not have enough strength for the last lap, that is where I lost to my competitors.

Competition is high at the IBU Cup. There are two athletes from every country that can compete against the Russian leaders. I can say that those girls, who have good performance at the Russian Cup, do well here as well. 

After «Izhevsk Rifle we came to Ridnaun for the training camp to keep the shape. Here I managed to get rest after December competitions and prepare for the IBU Cup. We had a short break between the races, that is why I kept the shape.»

RBU Media Office