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Alexey Slepov placed second, Maxim Tsvetkov — third in sprint at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun

Sprint races took place at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy. Christoph Sumann of Austria celebrated the victory, while Alexey Slepov and Maxim Tsvetkov of Russian placed second and third, accordingly.

IBU Cup. Ridnaun (Italy)

Sprint. Men

1. Christoph Sumann (Austria) - 28:27,2 (0)

2. Alexey Slepov (Russia) +0,6 (2)

3. Maxim Tsvetkov (Russia) +19,3 (0)

8. Timofey Lpshin (Russia) +22,2 (3)

20. Ivan Tcherezov (Russia) +1:31,7 (3)

31. Anton Babikov (Russia) +2:17,6 (4)

47. Alexander Chernyshov (Russia) +3:09,3 (2)

Alexey Slepov: “Tomorrow I hope to correct my mistakes in shooting and show even better result”

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