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Alexey Slepov: “Tomorrow I hope to correct my mistakes in shooting and show even better result”

Alexey Slepov commented on his performance in sprint at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy:

«I am happy with the result today. Podium is always a good mood. It means I trained in a right way. The team worked excellent today. It was a difficult race today in terms of waxing — snowfall. The skis worked perfectly. The coaches helped me on the track.

At the shooting range I was unlucky, missed with the first and last shots in second shooting. I skied on downhill without glasses, that is why my eyes were tired. 

I prepare for tomorrow race. This will be a second race in a row. I usually have better results on the second day, that is why I hope to show even better result. I will correct my mistakes in shooting.»

RBU Media Office