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Ekaterina Yurlova placed third in sprint at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun

Sprint races take place at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy. Vanessa Hina of Germany won the race, her teammate Katrin Lang placed second, followed by Russia's Ekaterina Yurlova, Evgenia Seledtsova and Anastasia Zagoruiko.

IBU Cup. Ridnaun (Italy)

Sprint. Women

1. Vanessa Hinz (Germany) — 22:51,6 (0)

2. Katrin Lang (Germany) +14,5 (1)

3. Ekaterina Yurlova (Russia) +24,9 (1)

4. Evgenia Seledtsova (Russia) +36,5 (1)

5. Anastasia Zagoruiko (Russia) +36,8 (1)

9. Anna Suraeva (Russia) +1:07,2 (1)

24. Anna Nikulina (Russia) +1:44,5 (2)

27. Galina Nechkasova (Russia) +1:50,8 (3)

Ekaterina Yurlova: “Yesterday we worked on rifle's trigger with the coaches, I had problems in shooting because of it”

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