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Ekaterina Yurlova: “Yesterday we worked on rifle's trigger with the coaches, I had problems in shooting because of it”

Ekaterina Yurlova commented on her performance in sprint at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy:

«I am happy with today's result. Of course, I am upset with one miss I made with the last shot. Yesterday with the coaches we worked on the rifle's trigger mechanism. My problems in shooting in yesterday's sprint were caused by it. Coaches also gave me some advises on shooting from standing position. Thanks to their help I managed to shoot better today.

It was also easier to run today, as the track became firmer and faster. The weather is better, the sun is shining. I have a nice mood from the morning.

I was surprised when I got to know, that I would compete in the IBU Cup. When I got back from the Christmas race to Ridnaun for a training camp, Alexander Kasperovich told be that not everyone got through acclimatization well and I could compete at the IBU Cup.»

RBU Media Office