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Sergey Korastylev placed second in individual race at the IBU Cup in Rudnaun

Men's individual race took place at the IBU Cup in Ridnaun, Italy. Lars Birkeland of Norway celebrated the victory in the race, Sergey Korastylev of Russia placed second, Alexander Os of Norway — third.

IBU Cup. Ridnaun (Italy)

Individual race. Men

1. Lars Birkeland (Norway) — 54:25,3 (1)

2. Sergey Korastylev (Russia) +15,5 (0)

3. Alexander Os (Norway) +22,9 (2)

8. Oleg Kolodiychuk (Russia) +2:42,8 (1)

19. Alexander Chernyshov (Russia) +3:18,5 (1)

27. Andrey Makoveev (Russia) +3:43,2 (5)

30. Alexey Slepov (Russia) +3:57,5 (6)

Ivan Tcherezov (Russia) did not start

Sergey Korastylev: “This is my first podium at the IBU Cup”

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