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Alexey Volkov: “I know I can run better — this is not my peak form yet”

Biathlete of the Russian team Alexey Volkov commented on his second place of individual race the World Cup in Ruhpolding:

«Today I had the same tactic. I decided to ski in my tempo — to run evenly all five laps. I was lucky, that Svendsen and Ferry ran ahead of me. At the first lap I caught up with Alexis Boeuf — I do not know why he lost 30 seconds that quickly. But then he started to speed up. The first four laps we ran in crowd, and the last lap I ran alone, fought against myself. 

Today I sacrificed fast shooting and this led to better quality. I cannot say I have my peak form, I still have some reserves. Before the Olympics we need to have a training camp. I know I can run better. Of course, such results add to self confidence.»

RBU Media Office