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Yana Romanova: “This is my best race in the last two years”

Yana Romanova commented on her performance in sprint at the World Cup in Anterselva:

«Of course, I am happy. I always wanted to show a good result. The last two years were quite difficult and unlucky for me. And today I am happy. This race turns to be my best race in the last two years.

We planed that we would improve shape step by step. It all happens according to this plan. I want the team to be in the best shape at the main start of the season. I lack some starts and speed. Today I should not have started, but Olga was sick and I got the chance, which I used. 

I like Anterselva. In 2008 I debuted here. I was 13th that time.

It is difficult to shoot here in standing position, as the approach to the shooting range is quite difficult. I always a bit nervous at standing shooting, as there is possibility to miss. I am also satisfied with my skis. Everything was good.»

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