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Alexander Loginov: “One should reveal his character in such difficult situations”

Biathlete of the Russian team Alexander Loginov commented on his performance in sprint at the World Cup in Kontiolahti:

«The season was difficult for me. It is hard to gather my thoughts after so many misfortunes. Today I closed all targets, and it was very hard. I have not done anything special. I worked as usual.

My physical conditions were nice during the whole season, but I had problems with shooting. After two or three races it started to influence psychology. It was difficult to compete under such pressure. But one should reveal his character in such difficult situations.

I want to apologize to all the fans for not fulfilling their expectations this season. I will do my best. I want to thank them for support, as I did not expect to see so many Russians here. Next year if everything works out well this will help at the world championships.» 

RBU Media Office