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A group of biathletes will hold trainings under direction of Andrey Padin in Belokurikha

A group of biathletes will hold their first training camp in this season under direction of Andrey Padin in Belokurikha(Altay Krai) from 6 to 23 of May 2015. 7 biathletes will take a part in the first trainings: Anton Babikov (Bashkortostan), Yurij Shopin (Ulyanovsk Oblast), Semyon Suchilov (Khanty-Ugra), Aleksander Povarnicyn (Udmurt Republic), Aleksander Dedyuhin (Krasnoyarsk Krai), Eduard Latypov (Bashkortostan), Matvej Eliseev (Moscow).

«First trainings a group of young biathletes will hold under my direction in Belokurikha, — explain men's coach Andrey Padin to — This place is very good for trainings-last year we started here, too. Here in dispensaries we have everything necessary for recovery of athletes.

Anton Babikov, Yurij Shopin, Semyon Suchilov are already in Belokurikha. Aleksander Povarnicyn, Aleksander Dedyuhin and Eduard Latypov will come here at 7th of May. Matvej Eliseev will join as next week, he held a number of reconstructive procedures and doctors advised him to start training on 11 of May. The training in Belokurikha will be finished at the 23 of May.»

translated by Nastya Begisheva