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The group of Bragin started their trainings in Zavodoukovsk

A group of biathletes will hold their first training camp in this season under direction of Vladimir Bragin in Zavodoukovsk (Tuymen Oblast).  The group consist of: Evgeny Garanichev (Tyumen Oblast). Dmitry Malyshko (St. Petersburg), Timofey Lapshin (Tyumen Oblast). Alexander Pechenkin (Tyumen Oblast). Alexey Slepov(St. Petersburg / Vladimir Oblast), Maxim Tsvetkov (Moscow / Vologda Oblast), Aleksej Kornev (Khanty-Ugra), Pyotr Pashchenko (Khanty-Ugra), Aleksandr Babchin (Bashkortostan). Biathletes will train under direction of Vladimir Bragin in Zavodoukovsk till 20 of May.

«8 athletes are now in Zavodoukovsk and Dmitry Malyshko will join our group 13 May, — said coach of men team Vladimir Bragin. - Alexander Vladimirovich Popov and I arrived in Zavodoukovsk beforehand to see whether everything is ready for the trainings and were very pleased with what we saw. This trainings are not for recovery. The boys have already spent their vacations for recovery and here we are going to start our work. There are all necessary conditions in Zavodoukovsk: new biathlon center, hotel near the stadium, modern shooting range with 30 settings, shooting range, gym…Here in Zavodoukovsk we have very soft terrain of ski-roller track that is very important for the beginning of the preparatory period. On trainings we will use roller skis, bike, run, working on shooting.»

translated by Nastya Begisheva