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  • 15 Aug 2012

    Celebrating the victory of the Russian men’s volleyball team with the whole country, realized that even despite the fact that the national team finished in overall standings at the 4th place, in the course of the Olympics our team gave many reasons to be proud of its sportsmen! The Russian Biathlon Union thanks the national team for the minutes of joy and pride and congratulates champions and medalists, their relatives, coaches, specialists, managers and fans – everybody who went through the Olympic marathon with the Olympic team!

  • 30 July 2012

    On July 29, member of the Russian biathlon team Anton Shipulin visited Olympic London to participate in one of the projects of MegaFon in Russia.Park. Anton met supporters of the Russian team and tried out unusual sports.

  • 25 July 2012

    Counting down days and hours before the major sport event of the year, biathletes of the Russian team have interrupted their training to say the words of support to their friends and colleagues from summer sports. On the eve of the Olympic Games Russian biathletes promise to support every sportsman with all their heart – Zaitseva will support Borvakovsky, Vilukhina – Kaniskina, Shipulin – Isinbaeva, Garanichev – Kanaeva, Sleptsova – Sharapova, and all together — the Russian team at the Summer Olympic Games in London. publishes exclusive video and promises together with the biathletes to think of every athlete and support the whole team!