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Vladimir Borisovich Korolkevich

Coach — women's team

Date of birth
10 June 1952
Home town
Minsk, Belorussia
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Vladimir Korolkevich

Was born in 1952. Honored coach of the USSR and Belorussian SSR. In 1990 left USSR for Slovenia. In 1996 got a Slovenian citizenship. He worked with the biathlon and skiing teams of Slovenia for many years. Korolkevich worked with Vesna Fabian, Tadeja Brankovic, brothers  Matjaz and Joze Poklukar, Tomas Globocnik.

Korolkevich worked with the Ukrainian biathlon men's team in the season 2006/2007. He could join the Russian team before the season 2009/2010, but refused to do so because of his health conditions. In 2010, he worked with Ekaterina Iourieva as a personal coach.

Last season Korolkevich strengthened the Ukrainian women's team. Many Ukrainian biathletes mentioned, that his work played an important role in success of the team last season.