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pronostic game

  • I have a website on biathlon (in french).

    I have put a pronostic game on it since the last week.

    I have put the pronostic game for the individual of this week. So Come pronostic!!!!!!!

    I'm going to put pronostic game for all competition except for the relay.
    For instance Wenesday evening i'm going to put the game for Sprints.

    I know it's only in french!!!!!
    Maybe I'm going to translate this page for wenesday.
    I don't have the time to translate all the website. Maybe I'm going to do this little by little but very slowly. Indeed I'm still student in a graduate school, so I have to work. Moreover my english is not very good
    I wait you and your pronostic.


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  • Wilhelmina, 11 Дек 2006, 18:53

    Thank you very much for announcing a new biathlon fan game! That's really so nice of yours!

    And welcome to our community :D
  • kodjo
    excusez moi! mais j'ai des problemes avec votre pronostic. Je ne peux pas y entrer. On m'ectit: "not found".
  • the little problem of the pronostic page is over.
    Now you can pronostic again,

    So come on!!!!!!
  • merci beaucoup and thank you very much :)
  • Sorry but I have an other problem

    I don't receive pronostics. I have search during 1 hour but I don't find.

    I suggest you to send me your pronostics by mail. The pronostic page is still online. So you can see questions.

    Sorry for this technical problems

    If you have send your pronostic since my last message I don't have it
  • I've just sent it one more time.
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