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Olga Pyleva

  • No matter how she performs in Torino at OWG-2006, she decided to have a time out after it. She wants to consider the experience of 2002 when she went on non-stop with biathlon after becoming Olympic Champion and it turned to be really tough.
    How I should understand this statement? She doesn't want to compete after Olympic only to the end of this season, she wants one season break or she want to retire at all? I'm confused :)

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  • Wilhelmina, 28 Ноя 2005, 15:00
    Well, we can't say exactly if she is going to finish this season immediately after the OWG. I personally think that she'll do it up to the end and is going to have a break next season. But she never said a word of retirement at all. I mean, she did last season at the end, but after that she said that then it was just because of disappointment.
    BTW, I'm very sorry - I haven't translated the whole interview. As soon as I finish doing it, I'll tell you here so that you should go and read it up to the end, I think she explains it in a bit few more words there.
  • Thanks for reply! This is what I wanted to know.
    I also understand well that this is not your first job, just a hobby, so you shouldn’t be sorry but I should thank you that I have an opportunity to read some articles that I would never found in the internet without your help. :) I somehow managed to read this article in the original version, just I wasn’t sure what her declaration exactly means.
  • Wilhelmina, 28 Ноя 2005, 15:32
    Well, I'll do my best to translate the most important things during the season - I mean, as you say, things that we can find only in the Russian language in our newspapers - mainly the interviews with our athletes and coaches. BTW I think there has been at least one another interview with Olga lately....

    Here in Russian:


    An interviw with Valery Polkhovsky, the chief coach:

  • Thanks Wilhelmina, I need to take a look later. I think that in Russia biathlon has the strongest position in the world in the media outlets.
  • hey again!

    I’m collecting list of biathletes that retired after last season. So finally how situation with Pyleva looks like? If you know any other such WC biathletes from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, please post here. Maybe I missed them. Thanks for help in advance!
  • Wilhelmina, 22 Ноя 2006, 21:27
    As for Pyleva we can't say anything in concrete right now. We'll probably have to wait till the end of her ban period and look what she'll decide then.

    But we can state now that Pavel Rostovtsev has retired.

    BTW if you have a look at biathlonworld's data archive, they put Albina Akhatova and Olga Zaitseva as retired - that's not right. They've taken a time out, nothing more than that by now.

  • Makumba
    Witam! 8)

    V.Drachev, O.Ryzhenkov, V.Sashurin are retired.
    O.Zubrilova is retired but may be she will take part in EC starts.
    E.Ivanova, O.Nazarova - time out (the same reasons as Akhatova/Zaitseva).
    A.Aidarov - moved to Ukraine.
  • As for Pyleva we can't say anything in concrete right now. We'll probably have to wait till the end of her ban period and look what she'll decide then.
    Do you really think, Pyleva is coming back? She is banned until next year in spring. So she will start to compete in season 2008/09 in worldcup earliest I think. It would be a wonder. She stopped compete biathlon then for 2,5 years! And she will be 33 years then. It would be a hard work for her to eliminate the younger athlets from their positions.
  • Wilhelmina, 1 Фев 2007, 01:26
    I didn't say what I really think about it. I just know that now officially she is not retired. Just banned and pregnant. So she is to give birth to her baby, while we wait and see. I only know that if she decides to come back, she'll do it. That's of her character - very strong. She's really able to. The point is if she wants to come back or not.
  • ahh, ok :)
  • ((_SeCuRiTy_)), 27 Апр 2008, 23:20
    Despite all these discussions, Olga Pyleva has returned in biathlon. In season 2007/2008 she participated only on the European and Russian championship. Probably, we will see Olga already in a following season on a world cup! :) We wait and hope about her successful returning in sports!
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